After many years of perfecting the artistry of his photography and being mentored by the greats Frederick Summer and Ansel Adams, Jay Dusard was awarded a 1981 Guggenheim Fellowship, launching him on the epic adventure of photographing with an 8x10 camera, the working cowboys of North America - from British Columbia to Chihuahua - resulting in the acclaimed 1983 book The North American Cowboy: A Portrait.

Jay's career as a classical photographer of the West and its people, master black and white darkroom printer, college professor, workshop instructor and conservator of rural Western values is explored in the documentary.

The documentary was shot on location throughout the West: at a workshop on a working Montana ranch, in Jay's darkroom and around his ranch outside of Douglas Arizona as well as on the other ranches in Wyoming and Arizona.

Insightful commentary is provided by photography gallery owner Terry Etherton, photographers Bruce Barnbaum, Harrison Branch and Stu Levy as well as by Jay Dusard and other ranch people in illustrating Jay's photographic style and technique. And - many, many of Jay's photographs are shown and commented on throughout the documentary.

A documentary by Michael Markee.



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